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Synchronous motors

Range of application

For control and actuation of devices in machine construction and precision engineering where compact dimensions, high torque, and constant speeds are required.


Synchronous motors are designed as self-starting slow running motors for the single-phase alternating current operation. The direction of rotation can be electrically reversed. These motors are characterised by their high speeds and compact dimensions. The rotor consists of a permanent magnet and is multi-polar radial magnetised. The rotor shaft is supported on self-aligning bearings, made from sintered bronze A lubrication reservoir inside the bearings guarantees a long service life. All synchronous motors are fitted with two stators and two coils.

To ensure a safe start-up as well as electrical reversibility, a capacitor is required. The speed of the synchronous motors is directly dependent on the frequency. The design complies with the insulating material class "E" of standard VDE 530 and protection category IP 40 per DIN 40050. The motors do not cause radio or television interferences.

SM 130

SM 131

SM 125

SM 125 F

SM 120