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Gear with cover frame

Range of application:

A large output torque, high efficiency, minimal installation dimensions, protection against accidental contact, and waterproofing are the distinguishing features of this spur gear unit. Spur gear units with cover frames are used in machine construction and precision engineering, e.g. for conveyor belts, oil skimmers, agitators etc.


The design complies with protection category IP 41 per DIN 400 50. Brass plates support the drive shafts of the gear models G 350 and G 250. Zinc-coated plates with riveted bearing bushes made from high-resistant brass are used for gear models G 450 and G 750. Drive shafts are manufactured from special steel, motor pinion made from steel or brass, the first gear is made from fabric-based laminate, and all other gears made of brass. High-quality lubricates ensure long-lasting lubrication. The motors used are split-phase motors and do not cause any radio or television interferences.

The design complies with insulating material class B per VDE 0530. Flex wire is used to connect models G 350 and G 250, while models G 450 and G 750 are using inside screw-type terminals.

G 350

G 250

G 270

G 450

G 750

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